Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Nokia N95 Debranding Guide

I have seen that a lot of people on various forums/blogs are in need of a guide showing how to debrand the Nokia N95.

Therefore I thought I would provide one. The information that I have collated to make this guide is found on various sites, these are referenced at the bottom of the post. Please also note that you run this procedure at your own risk; although I have performed this (3 times) with perfect results there is always the possibility when flashing your phone that you may damage it. If this happens you will require a Nokia service Centre to restore it.

The Guide:
1. Ensure that you have installed the Nokia PC Suite (on the CD supplied with the phone), make sure that your phone is connected via the USB cable and that it has been detected.

2. Download the following 2 pieces of software:
  • The Nokia Software Updater - Note, although at the time of writing the site does not list the N95, the updater does include the updated N95 firmwear. Therefore simply select the N93 instead, this will then allow you do download the updater.

3. Install Nemesis Service Suite. Open the program and then click the "Scan for new Device" icon in the top right of the screen. The screen should then be filled with information, click the "Phone Info" button at the top of the screen. Then click the "Read" button. Amongst other things this will show you the current product code of your phone. You now need to change this to a generic Nokia code. A standard code for the UK that you can use is 0534841, for a full list of codes see The Nokia Blog. Replace the current product code with this new code. Then check the enable box and click the "Write button". You have now changed your phones product code! You can double check this by clicking the read button again, this should show your new product code.

4. You may at this stage wish to back up you contacts/files to carry over to the unbranded phone, to do this use Backup utility within the Nokia PC Suite.

5. You now just have to install the new firmware update. Make sure that you phone is connected to you computer through the USB cable and then open the Nokia Software Updater that you previously downloaded. Follow the step by step instructions and install the new firmwear. Do not at any time disconnect the phone until it tells you that it is safe to do so. Note the phone will restart itself during the update process.

6. That's it, you phone has now been debranded! You can now restore your files/contacts by going back into the Backup utility, however I suggest that you do not restore settings to the phone as this puts back some annoying operator defaults such has changed menu layouts.

7. If you wish to update your phones firmwear in the future you simply need to use the Nokia Updater as usual as your phones product code will not need changing again.

I hope that this is useful, if you have any criticisms or suggestions please do leave suggestions and I will adjust the guide accordingly. In addition if anybody thinks that screen shots would be useful then let me know and I will upload them.


References: The Nokia Blog, Ring Nokia, GSM Forum, Official Nokia Support Forums.