Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Nokia N95 Debranding Guide

I have seen that a lot of people on various forums/blogs are in need of a guide showing how to debrand the Nokia N95.

Therefore I thought I would provide one. The information that I have collated to make this guide is found on various sites, these are referenced at the bottom of the post. Please also note that you run this procedure at your own risk; although I have performed this (3 times) with perfect results there is always the possibility when flashing your phone that you may damage it. If this happens you will require a Nokia service Centre to restore it.

The Guide:
1. Ensure that you have installed the Nokia PC Suite (on the CD supplied with the phone), make sure that your phone is connected via the USB cable and that it has been detected.

2. Download the following 2 pieces of software:
  • The Nokia Software Updater - Note, although at the time of writing the site does not list the N95, the updater does include the updated N95 firmwear. Therefore simply select the N93 instead, this will then allow you do download the updater.

3. Install Nemesis Service Suite. Open the program and then click the "Scan for new Device" icon in the top right of the screen. The screen should then be filled with information, click the "Phone Info" button at the top of the screen. Then click the "Read" button. Amongst other things this will show you the current product code of your phone. You now need to change this to a generic Nokia code. A standard code for the UK that you can use is 0534841, for a full list of codes see The Nokia Blog. Replace the current product code with this new code. Then check the enable box and click the "Write button". You have now changed your phones product code! You can double check this by clicking the read button again, this should show your new product code.

4. You may at this stage wish to back up you contacts/files to carry over to the unbranded phone, to do this use Backup utility within the Nokia PC Suite.

5. You now just have to install the new firmware update. Make sure that you phone is connected to you computer through the USB cable and then open the Nokia Software Updater that you previously downloaded. Follow the step by step instructions and install the new firmwear. Do not at any time disconnect the phone until it tells you that it is safe to do so. Note the phone will restart itself during the update process.

6. That's it, you phone has now been debranded! You can now restore your files/contacts by going back into the Backup utility, however I suggest that you do not restore settings to the phone as this puts back some annoying operator defaults such has changed menu layouts.

7. If you wish to update your phones firmwear in the future you simply need to use the Nokia Updater as usual as your phones product code will not need changing again.

I hope that this is useful, if you have any criticisms or suggestions please do leave suggestions and I will adjust the guide accordingly. In addition if anybody thinks that screen shots would be useful then let me know and I will upload them.


References: The Nokia Blog, Ring Nokia, GSM Forum, Official Nokia Support Forums.


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Anonymous said...

i m having nokia n95 (orange) already unlocked.. if i update it via the way explained here.. ll it lock my fone back as it was in beginning or it ll work as unlocked.. please let me know

Crewmeal said...

to anonymous - I live in Jordan and orange sent me an email with a code on how to unlock my phone (20 quid later) and I debranded to v12. it did not relock. I have just installed the lateset v12.. firmware and it works perfectly. BUT dont reinstall any settings from Orange as it MAY lock up again. I just reloaded my contacts bookmarks, calender and messages

Anonymous said...

this is a perfect guide for how to debrand and update n95. Thank you very much, it went very fine

Nick said...

that was brilliant! thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Legend!!! so easy to use and great guide you should be in charge of user guides for windows!!!

Jay said...

Hey everyone.

Very tempted to debrand my T-Mobile UK n95 now that the new firmware is out (Tmob dont seem aware of it). Basically I just have a few worries before I do;
1. Will I lose any settings? (SMS/Browsing etc)

2. Will I lose any functionality? (someone else further up commented that 3.5G HSDPA no longer functioned... I had to badger Tmob to get them to enable it so I dont want to lose it!)

3. How easy is it to rebrand?

So tempted to do it, but just too scared to lose any of the features I use a lot.


Ginge said...

Hey... I want to upgrade my TMobile (UK) N95 to version 20. Will debranding my phone stop my web and walk access working?

Dan said...

Great explanation - so glad I found your guide and plucked up the confidence to do it!

Thanks a million :)

Jay said...

Ginge, forums elsewhere have told me TMobUK users shouldn't experience any loss of functionality. I'm gonna try it tonight, I'll let you know how it goes.

jay said...

It was a breeze. Unbranded, updated, reverted product code. Took in total, about 10 minutes.
Points people advised and I abided by:
REMOVE pc suite and NSU, download NEWEST versions.
REMOVE memory card
ONLY backup contacts/messages
and I restarted after most steps.

v20 firmware is a HUGE improvement. RAM doesnt seem to get eaten, picture browsing and slideshow are now seamless and load pictures pretty damn quick. Camera functions smoother with less waiting and that's all I've tested so far.

No loss of functionality or internet settings etc.

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

iam very impressed with the responses yu got i had a problem with orange n95 wich was send my brother from uk .
i had done in the same manner u has sggested but while installing software update it asked to insert sim and keep the phne in generalised mode but the sim wich i have is vodafone sim and phone is answering invalid sim so what should i do to unlock n95
i will be thankfull to you if you help me to unlock my mobile
thank you

Anonymous said...

iam very impressed with the responses yu got i had a problem with orange n95 wich was send to me in india by my brother from uk .
i had done in the same manner u has sggested but while installing software update it asked to insert sim and keep the phone in generalised mode but the sim wich i have is vodafone sim and phone is answering invalid sim so what should i do to unlock n95
i will be thankfull to you if you help me to unlock my mobile
thank you

Anonymous said...

excelent guide unbranded my orange N95 with no problems at all following this guide took me about 15mins :) all the orange settings ie orange internet etc are there after the upgarde & the phone now works like Nokia intended it to

marki boi said...

this is great. video tones at last on nokia n95. thanks 4 easy guide.

Anonymous said...

N95, Vodafone, works a treat... although the restore failed and I had to re-create my contacts, but worth it as the software is far superior to Vodafones current offering... GPS works!!

Anonymous said...

Gonna test it on Three UK tonight! Will let you know!

alex said...


I have unlocked my N 95 from T Mobile by using high Street shop..

So after doing this debranding hope it wont affect the unlocking or mess up some thing..



NgBng said...

In response to what Major Malfunction said about the vmware tip - I'm using the latest updater to try to upgrade a new Orange n95 to v20 firmware.
After step 2 I do indeed need to reconnect the USB device to vmware player (not a full vmware version, but it should work fine). This works and it goes through a long progress bar and when it gets almost to the end and should require the second reconnect, it doesn't work.
The phone reappears as the bootloader n95, so reconnecting it and hitting Retry just starts the firmware upload again. It's basically stuck in this loop now.
I'm going to try to finish the process with a real Windows install, and if that fails, trudge off to a Nokia Service Centre.

I3iGC4M said...

Simple and easy, thats whats best, nice post, GPS works great now, UK O2 N95 Unbranded No Probs


Anonymous said...

I've successfully debranded my Nokia N95 (RM-159) from three.co.uk UK network from firmware version v12.0.013 to v20.0.015. I used the following tools:

* Windows XP
* Nokia PC Suite v6.
* Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) v1.0.38.12
* Nokia Software Updater (NSU) v1.4.23en
* Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0.13.268

The key steps I took are as follows:

1. Important, charge your phone's battery, you don't wan't it to switch off mid update.

2. Closed NSS after writing new code to phone.

3. Kept getting this error when running NSU

"Network Connection lost. Check your network connection or whether a firewall is preventing the application from working properly."

Basically NSU tries to connect to the update site via HTTPS (port 43). For some strange reason this always failed if Comodo firewall was not running. To fix this problem, I had to actually enable Comodo and manually kept clicking OK to all the prompts from Comodo. The update site points to the IP rather than the hostname hence the https certificate will be raised as a warning, so just point your browser to and accept the certificate. After you get the warning from Comodo saying the it is trying to connect to then NSU loading screen should change and you are away to your new firmware.

Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't work for my n95 8gb either. NSS doesn't recognize my Nokia N95 8GB

lisa9 said...

my n95 already has v11.0.026 installed so no need to update this.

It is branded to O2, so I just want to debrand it, do i only have to change to euro 1 code to do this?
thanks for any guidance.

Anonymous said...

when i tried to chane the product code using NSS, i write the new code but when i read it still shows the old code, what an i doing wrong please

Anonymous said...

Re:o2 N95 Make a note of the original o2 code so that you can change it back later not to lose the o2 warranty. Then make sure you have downloaded the Latest Nokia suite. Then make a backup of any important info. Change the product code with the latest nss prog to Euro 1 then at the option reinstall.You can change to the same software but do not downgrade as I have red it can cause serious faults to happen. Do not do anything with your PC while the Upgrade/Download is happening. Any PC fault/crash here could make your phone useless! Good luck!
Product codes are here http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58225

Anonymous said...

Re: o2 N95. To Clarify! After you change to a Euro1 code. When you go for the Nokia Software update go for the option to reinstall (especialy if you are told you already have this update) This can also repair any faulty instalations. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone on o2 who has debranded their phone made a succesful claim on their warranty? I am 6 months into an 18 month warranty and don't want the thought of my phone buggering up in the future and being stuck with it. If it does go wrong is it better to send it straight back to Nokia rather than o2?


REn95 said...

I'm in TROUBLE - Please help.

My battery ran low during update. Even after plugging AC in the phone still crashed.

My phone will now not respond to anything I do. I have tried hard reset and nothing.

Please tell me my phone isn't dead!!

Anonymous said...

RE problems loading software!!
This was written above.

VMWare users tip:

If you are using Linux and running Nokia Updater in Windows under VMWare, you will hit a problem at step 3 of the firmware update...

You will get a "Recover Phone" dialog, suggesting you remove the battery and charger, reconnect it and then hit "Retry". The phone will be sitting there with a dark screen with only the word "Nokia" on the display. If you do this, the phone will reboot and the process will repeat each time you hit "Retry".

The fix is not to unplug the battery and charger. Instead, go to the VMWare menu 'VM/Removable Devices/USB Devices' and reconnect the phone which will have disconnected when the bootloader was uploaded. The phone will now be called 'Nokia Bootloader' or something similar, instead of 'Nokia N95'. Windows should 'detect' the new harware and say it's ready for use. Now hit 'Retry' and the update will proceed...

After some activity from the software and the phone screen flashing and updating, the same will happen again only this time it will say "Test Mode" as well as "Nokia" on the screen, and the software will say "Connection to Phone Lost". Once again, go to the VM menu and reconnect what will now be a 'Nokia Series 60 Device' and hit Retry. The update will now proceed to completion.

Oh, and thanks for the guide, BTW. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

I understand that o2 will within the next month or so give everyone the opportunity to download the latest N95 Nokia software update on its code. This would keep the o2 branding & warranty! Can anybody confirm this?

jtfearnley said...

I hope they do, as last night I debranded my O2 phone to the EURO-1 code to allow me to get the V20 FW, this all worked, however, Nokia maps cannot connect to satelites any more, and I cannot add maps with the Nokia Map Loader (Even after re-installing Maps on the phone) (I have agps enebled and it used to work fine on the old 'O2 V12 FW' and I have also tryed to get google maps to use the GPS, but no luck there either, also, I lost my beloved O2 'Theme', which isnt as bad but is still important as I found it made the phone easier to use, Im gonna have a read today about trying to 'Downgrade' to the older O2 version, but as I have read tht this is usually a bad idea, I may just have to wait for O2 to release the newer one! =[

Anonymous said...

I have also found the maps area is slower to connect. There must be a solution other than downgrading. Does NSS (or another Programme) have an option to totaly wipe the Newer software off the phone and then reinstall the current older o2 version. Has anybody done a successful downgrade? Otherwise mine is OK!

Anonymous said...


Change from provider "3" to "Telia"

I have a n95 that are lookt to Swedish providor 3, some of the stepas works good, steps 1-4 is not a problem. But when i tray to insert the sim card from the Swedish provider "Telia" the phone thell me lika this when i tray to start it "you have 0 working sim cards" so i cant start the phone with telia sim card, and if i cant start the phone i cant install new software.

please tell me if anyone have a good ide.


Anonymous said...

hey all, i got a 3 branded N95 8GB and when i run nemesis it finds the device but it comes up with an error when scanning for phone info.

anyone else have this problem? mind u i dont have the original data cable just some cable that i found spare in my room

Anonymous said...

If you encounter problems during s software installation, restoring the factory settings for your device might help: Type *#7370# when in idle screen. You will now be asked for a security/lock code.

Please use the security code supplied with your mobile phone sales package (the default code is 12345), or if you have changed the security code, use your personal code. Please note that if you restore factory settings, you may have to reset some phone preferences.

Or,try the "3 finger reset' which is depress these three keys simultaneously "*" "3" "green phone" and then power on phone whilst keeping those same three keys depressed until you hear start-up tone.

Anonymous said...

Just found this useful info!
ultimate nokia n95 loose/wobbly slider fix!
Be careful!

jfrommanc said...

absolutely fantastic worked like a charm thanks. i work for orange but agree with hating all the naff software that gets put on the handsets

Anonymous said...

I have the same error in NSS.
You have to TURN ON THE PHONE IN PC-SUITE MODE, then open the NSS, Scan for new Device etc....

Anonymous said...

worked straight away for me, no problems on n95 ( non 8 gb model) on 3 network.
does anybody know a good site to get free software for the n95.
thanks pete

tailorj said...

does anyone know if i can debrand my nokia n95 8gb? i tried using this guide but it didnt work...does anyone know the standard non branded product code for a nokia n95 8gb?

Microcola said...

N95 8GB product codes only
0549487 - EURO1
0550359 - EURO2
0550378 - EURO3
EURO1 - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
EURO2 - English, French, German, Turkish, Dutch, Italian
EURO3 - English, Czech, Slovakian, German, Polish, Hungarian
Please note, you should not use a N95 8gb product code on a N95 (and vise versa) unless you REALLY know what you're doing and are prepared to kill your phone.

Badokun said...

Excellent guide! Worked like a charm. I've noticed something, which seems like a bug. I believe it was also in previous versions.

When running fring, or browsing the internet, having the 3G or 3.5G connection open, the phone is unable to receive or make GSM calls. When it's 'idling' in EDGE mode, there's no problem.

I believe the phone is unable to release/pause the 3G or 3.5G connection when a GSM call is to be made or received.

Anyone else had similar experiences?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am on 3 in the UK, the update seemsed to go OK, and I was usig the phone, but now it has restarted and is showing the message 'Start-up failed, please contact retailer' Anyone else get this?

Microcola said...

Try the "3 finger reset' which is depress these three keys simultaneously "*" "3" "green phone" and then power on phone whilst keeping those same three keys depressed until you hear start-up tone.
Or do a reinstall of the last nokia software update.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Thank you for all your efforts.

Has anyone successfully debranded using VMWARE Fusion and Windows XP on an Intel Mac? Were there any issues with the USB connection?

I would like to debrand my new O2 N95 and update from V12 to V20 firmware.



Brad Ackerman said...

Nick: Just debranded a Vodafone N95 8GB with VMWare Fusion and XP Pro. No problems.

Johnq72 said...

Guys, I have an N95 that was locked to T Mobile. Had it unlocked in a local shop. Now works on Vodafone, seemingly ok. Tried the steps as above to remove branding but no success - When hitting the 'Scan for New Device' Button in NSS, it doesn’t return with any dialogue. The phone is on, connected and Nokia suite sees it. I tried it with Nokia suite open and closed - No difference. Nemesis Service Suite Version is Firmware on the N95 was already up to date with version 12.0.013. Updated the firmware anyway to see if that would make any difference but again, no joy. A work around or alternative solution would be much appreciated.

Rich said...

awesome. just debranded a t-mobile version, busy updating it now to v20.

best guide ive come across

Anonymous said...

Just debranded an Orange N95 Classic using an Intel Mac, VMWare Fusion, and Windows 2000. Thanks for the excellent instructions! The 20.0.015 firmware is definitely worth the effort.

broken cell phone said...

my phone is broken now i under if somme one can help me, send me a email berntsson88@hotmail.com

Microcola said...

Useful N95 information. Do not use previous Phoenix releases. The latest Pheonix software has to be used.
Software downgrade is not allowed, due to BB5 security. In
case older software is flashed, the phone does not boot up.
USB flashing doesn’t work if phone cannot boot up. This can
be fixed by flashing newer software or the same software that
was previously used in the phone. This can be done only in
level 3 service using phone specific adapter and prommer.

Has anybody used this instead of NSS?

Bjorn said...


The pack that the phone came in holds a page that explains this very issue. If you're on 3.5G, no GSM calls possible.

I don't know why that is, but it's an officially recognized issue.

@All 8 GB owners:
Do not use the product codes linked to, use the N95 8GB product codes you can find in a comment sligthly above this one.

Bjorn said...

I've just debranded and re-flashed a Vodafone N95 8GB using the 0549487 N95 8GB product code. Everything worked a treat. Internet calls back, all the Vodafone shit gone. Praise Jebus!

Badokun said...


Would you say the problem lies with the phone, or network?


samantha said...

Please help.
Im tried to debrand my N95 on O2.Followed instructions,changed codes on NSS and ran the nokia update.My phone is still working thank god but the screen has a menu going across it and nothing else has changed.Totally gutted.I wouldnt mind if i could reset it back to )2 settings.I ahve tried this by using theier code in NSS but always comes back the same.

Manish Kapoor said...

Nice Blog with lots of valuable information. If you have time, Pls visit my SMS Jokes Blog.

Microcola said...

This site tells you when the new Nokia updates are available
Hope the N95 has an update soon!

Graeme said...

Excellent guide, thank you very much.

Slight problem - I backed up my contacts etc BEFORE I debranded. Everything went fine, the restore seemed to go fine, all my pictures and files are there - but my contacts aren't. I've tried going back to what I think the T-Mobile UK code is and then restoring, but with no luck.

Any ideas? Surely there's a way?

Grizzly said...

hi what version am i ment to be on i have a nokia n95 8 gig uk vodafone unbraded using 0549487
Latest available software for Nokia N95 8GB, product code 0549487
Version: 15.0.015

i thouhgt version 20 was the latest thanks for any help regards Grizzly

Bjorn said...

I'm not sure. It can either be phone, operator or UMTS/HSDPA issue, but I've been unable to find more information on this issue, so I'm leaning towards either a phone (unlikely) or operator (likely) issue.

@samantha: Do you mean that your menu is now a list rather than a grid? Or do you mean the orientation of the screen has changed? The first is a user option (Applications-->Options-->Menu View), the other is just a matter of sliding the phone up and the orientation should be restored.

@Grizzly: 15.something is the latest 8 GB flash, 20.something is the latest classic flash. 15.something and 20.something is equivalent (i.e. the Flash Lite 3 support is there in both 15 and 20) for two different models.

karl g said...


i ahve followed all these steps and as i can tell my n95 has been debranded as it has been removed of its vodaphone logos and that

but for some reason it is still saying sim card not valid to my virgin media sim card,

can anyone help?

thanks in advance

Grizzly said...

hi folks thank you for letting me know version 15 is the latest for the n95 8 gig

anyone know anyone in the south of the uk unlocking them thanks again for any help

Microcola said...

Here is the site to make your N95 a "Light Sabre"
This has to be loaded on the phone memory to work.

Strollio said...

Just got my N95 8gb which was locked to Vodaphone unlocked by a bloke on a stall on Leather Lane market in London if that helps anyone. It cost £20 and took about 2 minutes. Now just to try debranding it...

However, now that my phone has been unlocked and I am using an Orange Sim in it, I can't access the WAP services. Anyone have any ideas? I will try Debranding sometime soon...

GuoQing said...

I want do it on my Nokia 6085. But I only have the bluetooth connection, not the cable, can I do it?

ned said...

i cant download the updater from nokia onto my pc keeps saying 1720 error,ive looked on all the forums and there dont seem to be a fix.


will one of the little privet phone shops be able to update my n95? its on orange.


Colin said...

I have just debranded my vodafone N95 8GB and have lost the utube, ebay tetris etc that comes with the phone can i get it back?

Also i can't watch spiderman now as the 'key' is not valid can i get it to work again?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have just tried to upgrade the software on my Nokia N95 Orange unlocked phone. It got 75% of the way thru the upgrade and then came up that it was unable to update and a red cross appeared. Do you have any suggestions that may fix this as i am pulling my hair out.......I definately changed my product code.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had any joy with GPS software that uses the internal GPS on the N95, if so what software are you suing sa TOMTOM doesnt support the interanl GPS ( Gutted )

Badokun said...

@simondavidquinn: I use Garmin Mobile XT software with much joy. Works brilliantly.

Anonymous said...

I have just debranded my Vodafone N95 8GB... excellent! thanks m8!

For GPS I use Route 66 Mobile 7 . I had to update it on the website to get it to work with the internal GPS but is works 100% and is ACE!!

maltese boy said...

hi every one, i need some one helping me with my problem... i just baught a nokia n95 locked to 02. can some one help me to unlock it pls.... mail me on davidxerri1@onvol.net since in malta i cant find to unlock it... regards


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the GPS side of things guys, greatly appreciate it.

Fluidity said...

This all sounds relatively OK, I'll try it over the weekend but can anyone let me know, when you do a backup everywhere i look it says you backup your contacts sms etc. How far does that etc go? If I've installed programs into the N95 memory, are those backed up so I can debrand, backup, update and restore or am I going to need to go through re-installing all of the extra programs I've currently added on or will restoring the backup put all these back too along with my contacts and calendar info?

Also, I believe tomtom resides on both, will that still work after the update or will I need to install it from scratch again? I can't afford to be without satnav for a day as I'm on the road so it's not something I can afford to cock up.

Finally I'm assuming there is no issue with the three branded phones if you debrand although they use the slightly different USIM's (USIMs won't work in an unlocked iPhone for example) rather than SIM's. I take it the default nokia firmware still interacts with these fine and this wasn't something specific in the 'three' version of the firmware firmware?

Anonymous said...

Awesome job mate, did in seconds and it is now updating nicelty!


Anonymous said...

After getting continually snubbed by Orange tech support about a GPS problem, I was about to cancel my contract and buy another phone (except for the fact that orange wanted to charge me £300 to get out of the contract).

As a final act of desperation I followed the above steps to see if Orange were at fault for the problems I was experiencing.

I'm now running the lateset version of the Nokia firmware and I love my phone. I can't believe how good this phone is. The upgrade fixed my GPS problems. I can play FIFA07 on my mobile. I have the menu system as it was originally intended.

My heartfelt thanks for your article, it has changed my life for the better. I would recommend this procedure to any N95 owner.

Microcola said...

This is the site for the N95 original English European Nokia phone software (to place back on the extra bits after the software update)
Anyone needing the animated text can try this from the Hongkong site. You do get a warning message when it is used but it works ok. I hope this is placed on the next software updates for the European version!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the guide. it has worked perfectly apart from when i have restored the files back to the phone. i have lost all of my 500+ contacts and messages.

any help would be very very appriciated.


Microcola said...

Did you back it up with the Nokia suite? if so the contacts & messages should be still there. Your sim card could also have a copy of your contacts on it. If there are any of contacts on it they can be all copied across on the phone contacts list in the options area. I always duplicate all my contacts list onto the sim card! This is always a good tip! Just remember it is only small PC! Another tip before you reinstall your phone make sure your xp pc is virus free and your phone is fully charged.

Anonymous said...

Worked like a dream got rid of T mobile web and walk so i can now connect to wireless lans.
Imprtant to upgrade pc suite first.
I had problems with updater seeing the phone but one I had updated pc suite and rebooted it worked like a dream

Anonymous said...

easy to follow worked perfectly.thanks for posting this

José Villegas said...

Can this procedure be used to only change the language of the phone? I have a sim-lock free mobile.

I read in many places that NSU now checks the RM version of the current software before proceeding with the update. An when you debrand a phone you are actually changing the RM version. Did you happen to experience some kind of problem about this? Aren't the RM versions the same on sim-lock free mobiles?

Richard said...

I am part way through updating this.
One thing people might find helpful - on installing Nemesis on the PC, I had to select the top option - virtual USB device. Once I did this, then it did find the phone on scanning. Previously, I had installed using one of the other options which allows NSS to manage its hardware - while this method is dealing with the phone over USB.
Thanks again.
Fingers crossed it will work!!

rs_dragon said...

I'm debranding form O2. Managed to change the code but when I the nokia software updater, it sas that the n95 already have the latest firmware and won't proceed further. I'm stuck at preset. Please advice.



Karina said...

Is there any way to re-brand a phone back to Orange etc in the case of needing to request a replacement under warranty, insurance etc.


arthur said...

No problems at all. I debranded an Orange phone which now seems to work better than it did. It's quicker and more responsive. One minor point - a game I had installed now needs to be reinstalled but this was expected. Good discription. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

N95 8GB original Voda code is: 0557135

For UK replace with 0549487.

Followed the steps above and it worked like a dream.

Nice fast N95 8gb - like it was designed to be before Voda messed it up with their propriety crap!!

Anonymous said...

Just debranded my 1 day old N95 8GB on o2. Worked an absolute treat, no problems at all! Just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. I had no need for a backup as it was a new phone, simply just copied all my contacts from the SIM card. It look's amazing and is super fast, thanks for this thread I'm so happy!!!

Anonymous said...

Able to get the NSS bit to work and code change with success however I have previously ugraded firmware on the phone so now the Nokia update indicates that firmware is already at the latest version...any ideas how I can complete the last step of debranding by completing the firmware step?

DEvans said...

Damnit - it all worked so fine, re flashed, then started update which downloaded 140 Mb or so fine, but as the update was ending installation it asked me to remove battery and pop it back in to 'recover'. However but it now says the phone isnt detectable and I have an useless brick with a Nokia logo on white only - had no power issues during the install (battery & mains on). Have seen the 'recovery' screen when I run updater again after a re-boot, but as usual it doesnt detect the phone when it tries to carry on the update. 3 finger reset doesnt work (SIM & MMC out/in), have re-booted PC and re-installed updater; the updater (or was it PC Suite?) even 'repaired' itself once or twice. No luck though - have a dead phone... There is some form of an USB connection happening - the PC 'ding dongs' when I put the battery back in...

This is SO similar to Major Malfunction's post dated 23 August 2007 18:10 - but I'm just running Xp - not Linux... I DO see the Nokia BB5 Loader USB Phone Parent wotsit on my USB Root hub in system/hardware/device manager implying some connection...

Any suggestions as to what I could try guys as I'm 5 hrs in and still seem to have killed my phone :-( (was a Vodafone N95, once)



Microcola said...

Quote"USB flashing doesn’t work if phone cannot boot up. This can be fixed by flashing newer software or the same software that was previously used in the phone. This can be done only in level 3 service using phone specific adapter and prommer" Nokia phone centres could reload it. I suggest the phone might have a hardware fault which it had when it was manufactured. This could be the reason that it will not take a Nokia software update. Nokia (or your phone dealer) should replace the phone under warranty. Your local Government Trading standard officer in the UK would help you get a quick replacement! Laws in the UK can get you a replacement easily within 6 months if the product was faulty when manufactured!

Microcola said...

Also you could also try this:-You must have the very latest Phoenix Service Software. In Phoenix go to Manage Connections and choose No Connection.
Then you will notice that Scan Product is dissabled, so you choose Open Product and scroll to N-95.
You will see the N-95 Product shown in the bottom of Phoenix.
Now go to flashing- Firmware tab and small box will appear on the left side.
Now push the small box and choose desired Product code and software should appear in the other box.
Then tick dead phone usb flashing.
Press Flash (You should see adl loader and other drivers detected under found new hardware and should start Flashing.

D said...

I've had to take it in - guys said it was a common problem and cursed user firmware update unreliability! Thanks anyway.

Back on my 'binned' P990 and this is a much improved product after being in teh drawer for 6 months and just now having had a very nervous firmware upgrade!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks this guide worked great. apart from one problem, i backed up with Nokia pc Suite. i have or had a 2gb micro sd card. when i put it in the N95 for some reason it asked for a unlock code. i never had one in it! so had to bin it. I now want to do my other N95 but a bit uneasy as i don't want to lock my 4gb sd card. is there something i should be doing that will stop the sd card from locking. any advice please.

Scratch said...

I have followed the instructions... Nokia PC Suite, Nemesis Service Suite and Nokia Software Updater is recognizing my N95... I've updated the product code to Euro 1, 2 and others with NSS... read the phone and has new product code... I run Nokia Software Updater and it advises me that I have the latest firmware 11.2.009... any suggestions? I've uninstalled / installed Nokia Software Updater, restarted the PC / N95 and I still get the same thing.

Carbon Mojo said...

Sir, I have a major problem! This guide is the best thing ever - saved my buddies phone from an aged doom and the n95 rocks just as much as my own does now. You my friend are a technical uber genius. Word up to you squire!

Anonymous said...

Does this unlock the phone? i.e. Vodafone are sending me a vodafone N95 8GB but will this software unlock it so it works on any network?

Microcola said...

No, This will not unlock it. Changing to a Euro code just allows you to download all the latest Nokia software updates and wipes all the phone service providers branded software.

Nokia Themes said...

Great article... well done... :)

Dreamcatcher44 said...

Maybe I did something wrong but I now have a locked N95 :-(. I have tried the green, *and 3 to format, does,nt work :-( looks like its back to nokia for a repair. And I guess I will get the original Orange firmware installed again, My fault and congrats to all who have succeeded with this great guide

D said...

Just got the N95 I killed with the process back. It has April 2007 Vodafone software :-(

Have to try this process again dont I?

Still cant use it though as the phone sent to me via Nokia has a blackliseted IMEI. Incredible. And of course 4 days on the phone to Vodafone means the phone is still unusable. Patience....

What a NIGHTMARE (relatively ;-))

Anonymous said...

Should I try debranding my Nokia N95-3 NAM to get the v.20 firmware installed? Anybody already tried it?


D said...

Only if you have a spare phone... ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's not really helpful...I was more looking for a viable advice...I would like to know whether the new firmware v20 available for N95 Classic would be compatible and with N95-3. Would it even be worth trying, any real major benefits? As you know just the fact that the Nokia updater says none is available doesn't necessarily mean it really isn't one. Again, anybody tried it yet or has it been confirmed as non compatible?


Jamie Richards said...

Well Iit seems it worked although there's a new list for N95 8GB versions here

Anonymous said...

Brilliant walkthrough - thanks very much. Worked an absolute treat on my N95 on Three Mobile network. Like having a new phone.

Microcola said...

Just found this hot news:-

"Get ready to improve your precious handset, because Symbian Freak reports that Nokia prepares an important Firmware update to be released soon. After the rumors about N82's Firmware being updated, now it's time for the older but still great N95. Of course, we talk about the simple N95 and not N95 8GB.

The last Firmware update for Nokia N95 came out in November 2007 and it was the 20.0.015 version. Now we have the 21.0.016 version that will bring major improvements. To begin with, Nokia will add Flash Lite 3 support to N95, allowing users to watch Flash videos and access Flash websites. Another cool improvement is the Widget (Web runtime) support, which will let you personalize the Internet content just like on a desktop PC.

The new Firmware will also come with other changes, like improvements in general stability, stand-by time and localization, enhancements in switching from landscape to portrait mode and screen rotations, improvements to BT headset interoperability and enhancements to Calendar data restoring. Moreover, there will be browser improvements (browsing from WLAN wizard and enhanced long text writing to the text boxes from web pages), Image Gallery improvements, Media Player improvements (Windows Media Player recognition), Java improvements and SIM enhancements.

When released, the new Firmware update will be available via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) as well as at Nokia Points and Nokia Service Points. There's no exact date for the release, but we hope it won't be too long until then."

Anonymous said...

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fts said...

Got a Nokia N95-1 from Orange a couple of weeks ago. Tried to debrand it using NSS changing the product code from 0551192 to 0534841 (UK) and update the firmware using NSU to v20 and ended up with "Phone Recovery" screen.
Orange sent out another N95-1. Tried to debrand it using the process and ended up with NSU "Phone Recovery" screen again!
3rd N95 coming tomorrow...

Any suggestions how to debrand Orange N95-1 safely please? Am I doing something wrong?

Tried firmware reinstall several times.

TIA :)

fts said...

Just found out that the 2 sets of product codes relate to the Sand and Plum versions, respectively :

0534841 EURO1
0534842 FRANCE
0534843 ALPS
0534844 EURO2
0534845 TURKEY
0534848 BALTIAN
0534849 RUSSIAN
0534850 UKRAINE
0534851 CIS, Bulgaria
0534852 EURO3
0534853 BALKANS
0534857 ISRAEL

0536062 EURO1
0536063 FRANCE
0536064 ALPS
0536065 EURO2
0536066 TURKEY
0536069 BALTIAN
0536070 RUSSIAN
0536071 UKRAINE
0536072 CIS, Bulgaria
0536074 EURO3
0536075 BALKANS
0536079 ISRAEL

Hence, when I used the 0534841 EURO1 code on my Plum N95-1 it bricked.

3rd one coming tomorrow...

Could anyone confirm this please?

Anonymous said...

hi there can any body pls help i tried to debaranding my n95 ,as i been told in this post ,after sometime nokia updater said ur phone is not conected to pc ,and tried and tried ,and know my phone trune on and just only thig is come nokia and it trun off after few second i tried to unistall and reistall nokia pc suite and ,nsu.tried hard rest 3 * green but nothing comeing up .can some body help pls my warranty is finish as well so cant take it to nokia as well. pls pls some body help.my phone was on ornge .pls help ,my email is drvirgodar@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

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D said...

Exactly what happened to mine too I'm afraid. Mine was a 'level 3' back to Nokia fix said the local authorised agent... Sorry.

superaktieboy said...

anyone tried this on a n95 on a 3 network

Anonymous said...

Worked great, I debranded my T-mobile UK phone N95 classic to 20.0.015. Instructions are perfect, but no harm in reading the comments and gettting some tips.

My phone is working fine Except for the Internet telephone part. It was working before. I was using VOIPSTUNT. But now it registers, but the phone call times out and internet call does not go through.
If anybody has faced this problem or has solution please do write a comment here.

also, the other problema I faced was with Nokia software updater. It was just hanging then giving an error this was due to the firewall. I had to shutdown the firewall temporarily till the update was complete.

stevei said...

Fantastic, followed the instructions as described and got rid of the "o2" branding from my N95 it is now much improved, thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

Perfect... Even my Orange Connection points were still there after the de-brand... absolutely perfect.

D said...

Guys - to help us miserable souls with bricked phones, would you mind updating us with the colour (plum or sand) and the generic model number you used to de-brand it pls. This would be a massive help as colour/model No it MAY be a link to the bricking problem...



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superaktieboy said...

success on the N95-1, on 3G

Anonymous said...

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Pakpong said...

Nokia N95 Blog and detail

Anonymous said...

Did it on 6120 classic. 2 times, 2 phones. Language changed, cause i'd used correct product ID for thant. Everything else keep it the same. I mean in structure, including brand software. It was an 3it brand, free sim phones. It was changed only language pack, sw vers and no "3" stuff on start.
I did a full reflash in a gsm service with same product ID (updated one). WOW !!! there was a new brand free, up to date phone, faster, rearanged menu, etc.
LAST EDIT: u can upgrade from 3.70 to 3.8 so on til 4.21, but never in reverse ! Be aware that version downgrade is not working throu NSU !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Worked a treat on my Orange N95
Thank u soooooo much
If it wasnt for my da would have killed me by now

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Dave said...

I've installed the NSS but it will not put any information when I click search for new device? I am left with a blank grey screen. Does anyone know why that is happening? I also didn't know which of the NSS installations to choose as there were a few options.

Joel said...

Just did this on a UK Orange branded n95. Worked a dream, UI is a little different to the old default Orange one but ill soon get used to it.
Brilliant guide, thanks. Oh and i used NSS on Windows Vista with no problems, so im guessing the old problems have been fixed in the newer versions.
Now to reinstall all my apps!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just got an Orange N95-1 and would like to debrand it but I am concerned about using the correct product code so as not to wreck my phone. Currently my phone has firmware version 11.0.026 and the product code is set to 0551192. The back is plum color. Can anyone advise me which product code I should update to ? I suspect it will be 0536062 (Euro-1 plum) but want to be certain before proceeding. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Ben said...

This nemesis service suite won't detect my phone... why? Because I'm starting to get really annoyed with it? Maybe it's a problem with nemesis but it's doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes when I click scan for new device it brings up scanning error, now it says it's scanning for it and it says busy in the box below but it has sweet f.a. going on with it. Can someone help?

Ady said...

for me isn't working. when i press Read button, after few seconds appear reading...error!

Ady said...

how can i only change the language in romanian one? can i do that directly in my n95?

Anonymous said...

please someone tell me why i cant find my phone on the nss when i press read- is there any other program i can use to change my pohone id?

Anonymous said...

hi...i do not usually leave posts on the internet but i had the same problem many of you may be experiencing which is the nss not recognizing the phone. i spent countless hours trying to find a solution. hOWEVER ALL YOu have to do is uninstall all the nokia pc suite and nss and re-install again. however do not install the software updater until you have finished changing the code

Anonymous said...

really guted- trieds uninstalling both the suite and the NSS (and the software updater)- then i reinstalled the nss and the suite- and it still did the same thing- saying error
i cant beleive it- i am so gutted- even more so i have to put up with the orange software

Crewmeal said...

For some reason Nokia don't seem to want to people to upgrade so they have developed new cable software in the form of an update. If you download it you will get error messages as I did. There are several ways of dealing with it.

1 Use a PC with just NSS on it and then take your phone with the new software code back to your own and upgrade as per previous methods.

2. Delete PC suite cable drivers in the ADD/REMOVE then use NSS and put in the appropiate code. Let windows find the new drivers for PC suite then upgrade (I used this method)

Euro 1 is still not available for v20 yet.

D said...

Just got my N95 back - a month after bricking it.

It has Vodafone and V20 :-)

I am leaving WELL alone now.


Anonymous said...

oh my god !! it works- i did uninstall- and then reinstall the pcsuite on a different partiion on my hardrrive to the NSS
thanks guys
- the phone is now AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell me why NSS does not recognise my N95. I have Windows XP which shouldn't be a problem.
I used the search icon by when I click on the "phone Info" there is nothing showing.
I checked my conections and the phone is connected!

Thank you!

Crewmeal said...

See above earlier comments regarding errors with NSS

Anonymous said...

Hi Crewmeal,

Thanks for your advice above. I've removed both Nokia cable drivers and I can not find my phone with NSS.
I have followed the NSS instructions how to find and install a USB driver but there is an error showing "no compatible".
Have you got any idea what I am doing wrong?
By the way I have uninstalled and reinstalled the NSS before trying this.
Thanks awfully!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys! This guide is really great, but for me it just doesnt work.. nss can´t find my n73 i´ve tried some things i could come up with.. but it just don´t find my phone.. Please HELP... o use the cable ca-53

Crewmeal said...

Anonymous - sorry you are having such problems. There must be some drivers left behind after you deleted PC Suite. Try installing NSS on to a computer that doesn't have any Nokia Suites on it. After you have installed NSS plug your phone in and select PC Suite from the phone and let windows find the drivers. After that go through the motions on NSS Check you have the right code as well - Good luck it will be worth it

Anonymous said...

Works perfect :-D
My N96 is now freeeeeee

Many many thanks...

Anonymous said...

i mean N95 ;-)

Anonymous said...

thanks gr8 guideline....perfectly debranded n95 and njoyin flash lite 3

Iphone support said...

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the author would consider to edit the original post to add the following as this is extremely important, it was doing my head in as to why NSS would not connect to my N95 (giving error on every connection).

The sequence is very important. NEVER INSTALL NSU (Nokia Software Updater) BEFORE YOU DEBRANDED YOUR PHONE WITH NSS. NSU loads a bunch of own drivers that mess everything up. (If you have installed NSU before, find clean computer without it (friend's?) install PC Suite and NSS and perform code change on that, then use your own computer for the rest)

Again, the sequence is very important.
1. Install Nokia Software Suite
2. Connect your phone via USB cable and in PC Suite mode and make sure it is connected to PC Suite on PC.
3. Install NSS, run it and chose Virtual USB mode.
4. Click on Magnifying glass, click on Phone Info tab, click on SCAN. Details/Information box should absolutely fill with your phone info. If you see that, then the phone is connected successfully to NSS.
5. Follow the rest of the original guide(reading/writing the code etc.)

tricky said...

fantastic i have just debranded my nokia n95 (orange uk) but i have one question my firmware version is 10 point something if i use nokia software updater will it update it to version 21

2 said...

im tryin to debranching my cell I have a problem when I make click in "read" on phone info it leaves me "error" in the small window where you see the status of the processes somebody can help me??

Stu said...

I think the answer to your problem is to uninstall all nokia software from your computer, and just install the pc suite from the disk you got with your phone (without updating).

This should be the answer to your problem anyway.


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Anonymous said...

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richard said...

thanks to ZACKRSVP. without his added input (turn flashing system off) i would not have had any idea on how to complete the debranding. very helpful and very easy to use

Bikran said...

check my n95 pictures blog too

Anonymous said...

I also managed to unbrand it from Orange.

Only thing is the screen has 6 icons such as maps and web in the middle of the screen horizontally.

Underneath that i have 3 selectable lines of text.

Search internet and my content
No calender entries today
Wlan scanning off.

Any idea how i get rid of these so i just have an empty screen??

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Anonymous said...

How long does the debranding part take?

My computer has issues and so I need it to be quick.

Anonymous said...

I already have NSU installed but reading a few posts above someone mentioned that you shouldnt use nemesis whilst you have NSU installed.

If i uninstalled NSU would it be fine?

Anonymous said...

used nss on my t-mobile branded n95 with firmware 14.0.001.....
i can change code to "unbrand" it, NSU finds V21 but during update of phone it shuts down, restarts and NSU asks me to remove battery and cable, reconnect and try again.
After like 5 times it seems its not possible....went to a "GSM-PRO" i know but he has same problems with N95 T-Mobile V14.0.001?

Anyone any suggestions ?
Phoenix doesn't work either.


Anonymous said...

All it's fine untill you have a problem with the phone and it needs to be repaired, that's when you find out you have void the warranty of the handset by changing the product code!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

will i lose any of my aplications? like maps etc....

MrThrust said...

[QUOTE]I also managed to unbrand it from Orange.

Only thing is the screen has 6 icons such as maps and web in the middle of the screen horizontally.

Underneath that i have 3 selectable lines of text.

Search internet and my content
No calender entries today
Wlan scanning off.

Any idea how i get rid of these so i just have an empty screen??[/QUOTE]

to get the icons etc of, go to menu>tools>settings>general>personalisation>stand by mode> turn active standby mode off

that will remove the icons and calander entries etc..


Anonymous said...

looks good i mite try it :) il llet you know hw i get on!

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Anonymous said...

didn't work for me! NSS just doesn't seem able to find ny n95 8gb, can anyone help me with this, my firmware is 20.0.016 and i wish to remove all trace of o2. thanks

Anonymous said...

NSS will not even find my n95. Any ideas?

Rosie said...

This is a great site. Thank you for your information. I THANK YOU I SALUTE YOU IT,S A AMZING SITE.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Thank you Worked a treat on my N95 on 3 uk never had much problem with the phone just a few disabled menu options, but not any more.

Thanks Again

Matty said...

I tried this on my Nokia 6288 which was locked to the Three network here in Australia... I got the firmware upgarded to 6.43, and the options to Select GSM mode etc. PTT and all... However I am still stuck with the planet 3 button... can someone explain how it is that I get the default Nokia firmware and still some silly planet 3 button that I can not remove?

Anonymous said...

Ian Said

Thanks very much my N95 has now been successfully de-branded,was on o2.o2 even removed the operators option in the phones settings wizard,the phone is so much better and faster.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I am having trouble with sending the update to my phone. I managed to do the first few steps of downloading the software.
I managed to change the code of my phone using nss but when doing the software update it downloads it ok but when it comes to the uploading part it gets into it for about 1minute then it auto switches the phone and sends a vibrating noise. The phone then reboots itself but because it switched off it disconnected itself from the updater. It does this everytime i try to do it, i have the charger plugged into it theres enough charge. The error message that comes up on the updater is remove battery, put it back in and retry. Guys what am i doing wrong?? My phone is currently on on version 14 and its trying to update to 21.

Fragile Emptiness said...

what code should I use for a phone branded by Rogers Network in Canada ...?

Aly said...

The best how to debrand guide .. really happy with your guide helped alot and many kudoos to u :D

Anonymous said...

will this work on n95 8gb

Kimberly said...

wow i also tried it and it works!

As-if said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
As-if said...

i have n95 (3) frm UK. i buy frm LiverPooL and i am come back in india n now have 2 use my phone (n95) third(3).... by i cnt bcoz its frm UK n i cnt use da other simcard lik bpl, org, airtel
can any1 tell me how can i crack or debrand n95 UK to INDIA

and i done have anything other than my n95 USB cable

CAN I DO THAT only with n95 usb CABLE

please help friend i am in very tens yaar

Vinni said...

People people...ANYONE WITH T-MOBILE listen up. Attempts are futile, if you currently have version 14 firmware (not sure about versions below) you stand no chance of upgrading. T-mobile will allow you to go as high as v14 (even with a changed product code) but anything higher, forget, it's not happening. I think the only way it will happen is when T-mobile give the go-ahead for ver 21. till then we're stuck. Unless someone has a solution then please do tell...i spent a whole day trying a work around!

Anonymous said...

wow u guys r the best thank you so much cuz i had 14.0.001 i was ting all diz time how da hell am i guna update da new firmware cuz everyting i look 4 an update it jus kep giving me 14.0.001 nokia n95(RM-159)but now aftre wut u guys said to do n i did it i got newupdate firmware 30.0.015 im guna love diz but hey guys don't they have 31.00 sumting out now?but U guys r da god of n95 thx again wun.

Anonymous said...

well i have T-mobile 14.0.001 n95
now i got da new firmware 30.0.015

you guys r da god of n95 4 life!!!!

Maad said...

This is a brilliant guide.
Many Thanks for sharing it with us.


Vinny said...

Will this work with the Nokia N95 8GB?

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